Save Your Back, Improve Your Game

An onlooker may assume that the never--ending quest to put the little white ball into the cup calls upon little of the athleticism required by other warm--weather sports such as tennis or cycling.

Not true. Many avid golfers Contort their bodies into oddly twisted postures, generating a great deal of torque-the twisting force that opens a bottle cap--on the back. Couple this motion with a bent-over stance,

repeat 90 to 120 times over three or four hours, add the fatigue that comes with several miles of walking, and you’ve got a good workout--and a recipe for potential lower back trouble.

As America’s love affair with the game continues to grow, chiropractors advocate taking a proactive approach that will prepare your body for many years of pain-free play. Most golfers go until they get hurt, then look for help, according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Sports Council. We advocate a different approach--by helping patients look at what they can do right now to reduce the likelihood of future injury, we want people to be able to play without pain for a lifetime." If you take this approach, you’re in good company. Tiger Woods says that lifting weights and visiting his chiropractor regularly have made him a better golfer.

We suggest these tips to help protect your back and improve your game:

Purchase equipment that fits. Don’t try to adapt your swing to the wrong clubs: A six-footer playing with irons designed for someone five inches shorter is begging for back trouble.

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